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Acuity Index is a measure of the care needed by a nursing home''s residents. It is calculated based on the number of residents needing various levels of activities of daily living (ADL) assistance, the number of residents receiving special treatment.

Average Acuity Index is calculated using the following formula: adlindex + stindex + addindex where adlindex equals (# eating-dependent residents X 3) + (# eating-assisted residents X 2) + (# eating-independent residents) + (# toileting-dependent residents X 5) + (# toileting-assisted residents X 3) + (# toileting-independent residents) + (# transfer-dependent residents X 5) + (# transfer-assisted residents X 3) + (# transfer-independent residents) + (# bedfast residents X 5) + (# chairbound residents X 3) + (# ambulatory residents) divided by (total # residents) stindex equals (# residents receiving respiratory care) + (# residents receiving suctioning) + (# residents receiving IV therapy) + (# residents receiving tracheostomy care) divided by (total # residents) and addindex equals (# residents with dementia) + (# residents with psychiatric diagnosis) + (# residents with retardation) + (# residents receiving PT, OT or speech therapy) + (# residents receiving tube feedings) divided by (total # residents). At the county and state levels this is an average of all facility averages.